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Good News. Bad News.

The good news is the Cleveland Indians are going to remove “Chief Wahoo” from their uniforms. The bad new is they’re still the Cleveland Indians.

I would argue that the name Indians is less offensive than Redskins. So maybe we need to see some action in the District of Columbia next.

I’m trying to think of team mascots that are specific groups of humans. The first one that comes to mind is Vikings. This is an extinct culture from which I am descended. My college and my junior high school mascots were vikings. The mascot of Puyallup H.S., where Chris is likely to go, is Vikings. I’ve never heard any people from Norway say they were offended by this mascot. But apparently, at my undergrad alma mater there has been some discussion about whether a blonde haired, blue-eyed Norseman truly represents a highly diverse student body.

Another name that comes to mind is Trojans. Again, an extinct culture, but an homogenous people.

Mariners? Heck. Anyone can be a Mariner.

Warriors? I think that’s safe despite it’s common usage associated with male American Indians. It describes a wide variety of people trained for conflict.

49ers? If you want to be associated with gold prospectors, most of whom failed, go right ahead.

I could go on, but the point is if American Indian tribes find your choice of mascot offensive, do the decent thing and get rid of it.