I deleted a couple of Facebook friends this morning. One was a HS classmate who I didn’t know during HS. The other was her partner.

Reason? Really offensive, tone-deaf post about the latest school shooting and gun laws. Basically said teachers who don’t try to stop a shooter are cowards.

Disagree. Pissed off. Bye bye.

Phantom Thread

Best Picture? And Mudbound isn’t even nominated? Nuh uh. I’ve liked others of Anderson’s movies, and this one is indeed quite stylish, but it ain’t best picture material. You can make an argument for acting, but if it wins Best Picture I’ll be shocked. My favorites currently are Get Out, Three Billboards, and Ladybird, in that order.

Last Men in Aleppo

We watched the excellent, heartbreaking documentary, “Last Men in Aleppo” last night. It’s available on Netflix currently. It follows a number of men, known as White Helmets, who work to rescue and recover victims of the bombings in Aleppo, Syria. The courage and sacrifice exhibited by these men is humbling. Still three we haven’t seen in the Documentary category, but this is currently my favorite.

Best Documentary

We don’t often see the nominees for best documentary prior to the Oscars. But Netflix changes that. Currently three of the nominees are on Netflix: Strong Island, Last Men in Aleppo, and Icarus. We saw Strong Island. It was okay. We’re in the middle of Last Men in Aleppo, which is very moving so far. Looking forward to seeing Icarus. Abacus: Small Enough to Jail, I believe is available on Amazon Prime, so hopefully we’ll see that too.


Sometime around second or third grade I started to put on weight. Junk food and TV did it. Mom had to start shopping in the Husky Boys department of the clothing store. And no, that’s not a U of W thing.

At school I got teased a fair amount for being fat. My true friends were generally better to me. Right before my senior year of high school I lost a bunch of weight. That felt pretty good. Through college I managed to keep most of it off, but I wasn’t what one would call lean.

But, over time I gained it back. I actually weigh more than I ever did, but it doesn’t show as much due to having more muscle mass.

The thing that’s on my mind is the idea of body shaming. When I was teased for being chubby it hurt, a lot. But I was a kid and things hurt more then. I knew I wanted to not be overweight. What bothers me now is that we seem to have given up on the idea that carrying too much extra weight is unhealthy. We have to be cautious of how we discuss the topic. There’s a reason my late father-in-law, an insurance guy, referred to certain people as, “uninsurable.”

I hold with those who say obesity is a public health crisis in the United States, and we must be able to discuss it. It’s a complex issue, and the reasons for obesity are different for each case, but it has to be talked about. Even our President, who I do not believe had a golden-years growth spurt, needs to lose weight, and that ain’t happening with his diet and exercise routine.

It’s a Bad Day

I was already having a crappy day then I read this. This totally sucks. I mean really?


Depression and Jesus

Comedian Jordan Temple on Conan (paraphrasing): There are people who don’t believe in depression who believe in Jesus.


Good News. Bad News.

The good news is the Cleveland Indians are going to remove “Chief Wahoo” from their uniforms. The bad new is they’re still the Cleveland Indians.

I would argue that the name Indians is less offensive than Redskins. So maybe we need to see some action in the District of Columbia next.

I’m trying to think of team mascots that are specific groups of humans. The first one that comes to mind is Vikings. This is an extinct culture from which I am descended. My college and my junior high school mascots were vikings. The mascot of Puyallup H.S., where Chris is likely to go, is Vikings. I’ve never heard any people from Norway say they were offended by this mascot. But apparently, at my undergrad alma mater there has been some discussion about whether a blonde haired, blue-eyed Norseman truly represents a highly diverse student body.

Another name that comes to mind is Trojans. Again, an extinct culture, but an homogenous people.

Mariners? Heck. Anyone can be a Mariner.

Warriors? I think that’s safe despite it’s common usage associated with male American Indians. It describes a wide variety of people trained for conflict.

49ers? If you want to be associated with gold prospectors, most of whom failed, go right ahead.

I could go on, but the point is if American Indian tribes find your choice of mascot offensive, do the decent thing and get rid of it.

Future Pulitzer Prize Winner?

Found this on the back of a student’s paper. Kid’s got a future.

Critics. Psh.

This guy was declared London’s most eligible bachelor a year ago. I guess that sort of thing makes one feel all high and mighty. Picking on IKEA like this.