Not too long ago, some Republican pol stated that he essentially didn’t believe that retirement should be a thing. I don’t remember who it was, but he was trying to defend the idea of cutting Social Security and Medicare. I think he even tried to defend his thinking with Biblical context. You just work until you die.

The problem is that more and more it seems as if it’s work that won’t be a thing. Good paying jobs are becoming increasingly scarce due to the rapid development of technology. So, what happens when high unemployment becomes the norm?

Recently, we’ve been hearing more and more about the concept of “universal basic income.” As I understand it, all Americans would receive a regular payment which would be enough to meet basic needs: shelter, clothing, food, basic utilities, etc. I assume this would come from tax revenue.


Yes, taxes.

“Well, who’s going to pay these taxes?” you say.

My answer? Those who have benefited the most from putting people out of work. The corporations, their wealthiest shareholders, et al should have higher taxes. Tax revenue will have to increase a huge amount to cover a program like this.

Of course, the right will scream, “socialism!” Yes it is. Won’t it be ironic that capitalism caused it’s necessity?

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