Anger, Part II

In the paper this morning: “blobs of tar washed up at an Alabama beach full of swimmers… the ominous arrival of the sticky substance at Dauphin Island, Ala.”

It took longer than I expected, and I didn’t expect it to be the first landing spot, but there it is. Our friends on Dauphin Island have suffered the loss of one home (totally washed out to sea by Katrina), and severe damage to a second (flooded by Ivan) in hurricanes, now this. I can’t imagine it won’t get worse.

This photo, taken in April 2005 shows Mississippi Sound, which is between the island and the mainland. Right of center is an oil drilling platform. To the left of it near the center you may be able to make out the profile of a ship, probably an oil tanker. Flying in formation in the upper right corner are a half dozen Brown Pelicans, one of the species most impacted by DDT and removed from the endangered species list just last autumn.

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