Republican Party has No Chance at the White House

I will say it now: Barack Obama can look forward to a second term in the White House. That is not to say that he is my first choice for president. I would take anyone with a better understanding of public education, the environment, labor, and human rights before I would choose Obama.

What I am saying is that the Republicans have no viable candidates at present. Here is my summary, see if you can identify the candidates. By the way, this is how I believe they are perceived by large numbers of potential voters, not necessarily their true character.

1) A corporate raider who tells you what he thinks you want to hear.

2) A disgraced, narcissistic former congressman on his third marriage.

3) An extreme right wing religious zealot who equates homosexuality with beastiality.

4) A fringe-dwelling oddball with no problem associating with the John Birch Society.

Again, this is what I believe is the widespread perception of the public, which in my opinion reflects a need for better campaign management.

And the worst they have to say about Obama is, “Muslim,” “socialist,” or “foreigner.”

Lotsa luck GOP.

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