Shared moment with a stranger

Just a little while ago in downtown Puyallup I thought I heard geese flying overhead. I started looking for them, and eventually spotted them, probably a thousand feet above. I estimate 2-3 dozen Cackling Geese in the classic formation.

At that moment, another guy passed the other way and said, “I hear them!” I pointed them out, and he responded, “Oh yeah!”

For the unacquainted, Cackling Geese used to be considered to be a sub-species or race of Canada Geese. They were split off into a separate species at some point. Superficially, they appear the same, but they are significantly smaller, with somewhat different coloration, relatively shorter bill and neck.

A few years back I wrote about Cackling Geese and posted a photo I took. The photo shows both Cackling and Canada Geese for a good comparison.

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