Popcorn birds

Fridays at schools around the nation is “munchies” day. PTA volunteers sell popcorn, pepperoni sticks, and other snacks at recess time.

Some years ago at my previous school I noticed that Fridays were also the day we would have swarms of gulls and crows on the playground. I put two and two together. Popcorn is a very drop-able snack. Gulls and crows are both opportunistic omnivores. Same thing happens at my current school.

During recess they circle the playground looking for the opportunity to quickly grab and go. But when the playground clears, the banquet really begins. Other than the occasional squabble over a plump piece of popcorn, the living is easy.

Gulls begin to circle at recess

Bird brains? I don’t think we give them enough credit.

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